Designed for women leaders who feel that God is calling them to be more visible on Youtube (but are a bit overwhelmed). This program takes a very hands-on approach to help put all of the pieces together (images, tags, video strategy, etc) to create a solid foundation. The goal is to demonstrate how to run a purpose-filled YouTube channel so you can do it consistently & with confidence.
At the top of 2018, I felt like God was pushing me to help people get started on Youtube but Not just anybody! He was pushing me to help women HE was raising up! Women that have PURPOSE in their words! Women who were created for such a time as this who are ready to defend the gospel in the market place. Women who are ready to openly oppose demonic activity and destroy deception.
Boom! YouTube On Purpose was created. The goal of this is coaching program is NOT to help you get Youtube famous, snag sponsorships, get brand deals, etc (although that will come). The point is to show you HOW to hone your skills, strengthen your voice, polish your presentation, and learn how to grow an engaged audience of people who you are called to disciple.
Throughout this coaching program, I will be working HANDS-ON with you to help you create and publish 4 high quality and targeted videos. You will also have access to a video library that will show you how to create your own graphics, edit your videos, engage with your audience, and teach my best practices. My goal is to help you look like a vet and have the confidence you need to use your VOICE boldly, show your unique personality, and have FUN!
YouTube is a platform that has millions of users. It’s a nation of people who are waiting to hear what God is calling you to say. Many of which will never step foot in a traditional church. It’s time for the people God is calling to use Youtube as a platform to show up STRONG.

Channel Default Setup

  • Watermark

  • About Section

  • Brand Specific Tags

  • Banner Links

  • Profile Image

  • Playlist Setup

  • Default Description

Video Library

  • Need additional support understanding how to edit a specific way, design YouTube graphics, or understand your YouTube analytics? This is your time to shine! Don’t be shy, ask away! This is the place where…
  • I share how-to videos (created by me or creators I trust) that will help you create transformative and captivating videos.
  • (OR)
  • I screen share during our weekly strategy session and create personalized videos teaching you step-by-step how to do “X”. Recordings will be added to the library afterward for you to reference indefinitely!

Post-Video Organization

  • Description

  • Video Specific Tags

  • Annotations

  • Basic Thumbnail

  • Video Cards (if needed)

24/7 Support

  • You will have access to me daily via Marco Polo app to ask questions and get answers in real time.

  • This program follows a strict schedule. Strategy sessions and upload days must be executed weekly like clockwork. This program is about action and moving intentionally.

Weekly 1-Hr Strategy Sessions

  • Each week we will pinpoint and hammer out all topic details and make sure filming setup is optimal and content for the week is clearly mapped out.
  • You will also learn strategies to help you  understand the analytics of YouTube and how to grow an engaged audience with intergrity, intention, and in partnership with God.

YOUTUBE on PURPOSE! Key word here is PURPOSE! I ran from YOUTUBE because I feared failure! I feared failing at something that I hadn’t tried nor was I knowledgeable about it. So my fear was valid, right? WRONG!!! Jená helped me to overcome my fear of obeying GOD’s purpose for my life by simply stepping out on Faith, creating my YouTube channel, and fulfilling one of GOD’s purposes for me. It’s not about how many subscribers you can get nor is it about popularity or whatever else people make YOUTUBE out to be! Her program is about fulfilling GOD’s purpose on a platform that awards us the opportunity to glorify HIM through our gifts, talents, messages, etc. I am beyond grateful for her and her program!
I honestly don’t know where to begin. Jena’ has helped me tremendously with all of my social media accounts from YouTube, IG, and my personal website.  Not only did she give me ideas, understanding, and direction on how to focus on my brand and helping me rebrand. She also extended herself by personal one on one conversations via the internet.  She was very hands-on in redesigning my graphics and help me to understand what would look better to help increase my sales and followers. I am so Thankful for her extending her expert knowledge in this area to help me to grow, learn, and betters not only my business but myself.