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Did you know there are over 5,000 promises in the Bible? Promises of confidence, clarity, prosperity so why do so many women of God find their lives and businesses EMPTY of all these things? The truth is, though God’s promises are available to you, you have to PROTECT THEM from being destroyed by the spirit of fear, confusion, and self-doubt. If you’re tired of living a defeated life and second guessing every decision you make, check out my FREE Protect Your Promise video course!



Okay, I just finished watching the Protecting Your Promise course and well…you touched on things that I have felt and was unable to verbalize. Thank you for obeying God. I am learning so much from you. Continue to let God use you.

Debra V.




It’s about MORE than just having a tight body! It’s about being a good steward over your temple. It IS possible to feel and look BETTER than you did in your early 20’s all while discovering a real way to ENJOY living a healthy lifestyle. Restrictive diets are stupid and the roller coaster of extreme exercise is exhausting. There IS a better way to be happy and feel sexy in your body! Sign up now for my free 3-Day Unstuck Fitness Challenge and find the momentum you have been searching for in order to really start enjoying the healthy lifestyle again!



Thank GOD for you and what he has for your life.  I am grateful that I subscribe because this is the push I need to get on track.

Sabrina R.

Jená, I just wanted to thank you for the Unstuck Fitness Challenge. I truly believe the prayer at the beginning helped me and opened me up to receive the encouragement I needed to hear from God to keep going with my spiritual walk with Christ and my fitness plans. That’s major to me!!!! The workouts you provided were tough for me but not impossible to do. I definitely plan to have you as a resource as I continue my journey. Thank you and God bless you.

Sha-tina P.

I am so very happy that you thought of people like us who are stuck in feeling sorry for ourselves. You are God sent to a lot of people and I want you to know that I will stick to this fitness challenge because for me my life depends on it.  I’m on my way to good health and a good body appearance. Thanks Mrs. Jená Utley.

Wilhelmina K.