You are determined to reach YOUR level of success. You went to school and made the grades. You show up early and are always there to shut it down! You are a hard worker and everyone knows it. You have goals and a mapped out plan for your career and business. At the end of the day, you get the job done. PERIOD! The sad truth is that with all the desire, dedication, hard work, and creativity that you pour into your career and business you won’t get to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

“WOW Jená, why would you say something like that?!”

Because you will burn out prematurely if you don’t start prioritizing your health! The long hours, increases in stress levels, inconsistent sleep patterns, and pressure to produce products or hit deadlines add up! You cannot expect to burn the candles at both ends and not drive your body into the ground. Your body will rebel on you big time! If you won’t treat it well, it will lay you down and force you to. I know you are busy and just need to use the time that you could be working out to get ahead or stay on track! 

I understand that you just need to finish this project and you will get back on your game! I get that you are actually a health-conscious woman that prides herself on having a routine that consistently fits in your workouts. But let’s cut to the chase. You need to prioritize your health. The End! If you are not healthy, it doesn’t matter how much work you are doing! Not to mention the weight gain that creeps up does not do the knees or confidence any favors! Not that you care about the number on the scale, but the fact that your clothes are too tight and you have to figure out if you are going to invest in a new wardrobe is frustrating.

I get it. I totally do! You truly love your work and enjoy the ebbs and flows of your profession. I have been guilty of this myself. I have gotten so caught up in creating and promoting new fitness programs that I pushed my workouts to the backburner and suffered the consequences for it! Before I knew it, I was up 20 pounds from my normal baseline weight, and I couldn’t wear over half of my clothes. If I would have just stayed on top of it, I wouldn’t have had to fight so hard to get myself back! 

Please learn from my example! Popping multivitamins and drinking green juices periodically won’t cut it! Simple, consistent workouts will keep you right. I am not about to run down all the benefits of working out. You already know that regular activity increases energy and focus, decreases stress, and yada yada yada. It’s more than a matter of discipline; it’s about ACTUALLY doing it. 

It’s ironic how working out increases creativity and productivity so that you can do more with less time. BUT because you feel short on time, you cut out the very thing that helps! I know you are a health-conscious woman who is really trying to fit it all in. If you know you want a low-commitment workout lifestyle that has a high level of accountability, I invite you to be a part of Unstuck Fitness Challenge. It’s time to get you back on track so you can build the momentum that you need! Learn from my example! Prioritize your fitness NOW. It would be a shame to keep putting it on the back burner only to look up in 1, 2, or 3 months and have gained 10 more pounds, feel sluggish, and be disappointed in yourself for still not taking the necessary actions to be healthy! 


Photo Credit: ShutterShock