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You are at a crossroads in your fit life and you are ready to see if you can push past your doubts and take your body to the next level. You’ve spent hours searching the web, talking to your friends, and even reaching out to fitness coaches looking for answers. But none of  that has been much help! You still haven’t found information that seemed realistic, maintainable, legit and non-gimmicky.

One thing I know about smart girls, like you, is that you are very resourceful! Put a problem in your way and you will definitely find a solution! You are as motivated, trailblazing, and magnetic as they come. You are known for results and getting it done.

However, that sometimes comes at a price. Instead of outsourcing so you can focus on your areas of strength, too often you spend hours and hours researching a solution, which often causes you stress, frustration, and confusion. One of the many reasons you are so tenacious and diligent is because you doubt yourself. Many people do not know that about you, but you work so hard to prove something to yourself!

When it comes to fitness, you are no different. You are active because your health is very important to you. You are diligent, even when you are not always motivated, and get some type of workout done. Somewhere inside of you, you doubt your ability to really look as strong and tight as you want to.

The thing about you is, you don’t care about being “skinny”. A flat belly is cool but you want abs! Legs without cellulite is awesome but you want thighs that say HELLO and calves that POP even when you have sneakers on! You’ve been in a gym before and you are not afraid to throw some weight around, but you just don’t know who to structure your workouts. You are so unsure if your form is right or how many sets and reps to do. Community is also important to you. You desire to be connected with a group of women who have the same goals and want to have strong feminine muscles as well!

Get Ready For This. I Got Caught Up In Some Of The Fitness Myths!

I have been active since middle school and worked out almost 3 hours per day in college. With all that exercise I NEVER looked as tight or ripped as I wanted. That caused me to have an enormous amount of self-doubt concerning my ability to look strong and muscular.  I didn’t know if I had what it took to look like Wonder Woman, but I was determined to change that. I was already working out pretty tough so I tried the super limited and restrictive diets to see if they would help. I was absolutely miserable! I quickly came to my senses and started from square one. MY TEXTBOOKS!

I took the information I learned while obtaining my Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Exercise Physiology and created a step by step process to build the body I desired. It has helped me as well as my clients skyrocket their results and confidence! From all the trial, error, struggle, and success I developed a successful and proven plan to build an elite body! No tricks, traps, or lies. Just consistent work, moderations, and proper knowledge!

This is not smoke and mirrors. it’s a proven plan that will help you earn a brickhouse body the right way!

Fitness & Nutrition Consulting (1)

I’ve Spent The Last 7 Years As A Trainer Developing A Honest, Realistic, & Proven System For Building An Elite Body Complete With Feminine, Sculpted, & Sexy Muscles!

Fitness & Nutrition Consulting (1)

The Elitist 6

The result is a holistic training program that details my step by step system and includes special prayers, checklists, video tutorials, worksheets, live-stream support, and my best practices that teach you the steps it takes to get your body from average to elite!

…but the best thing about this program is that you are not going at it alone. I will be with you every step of the way along with other savvy and trailblazing lady bosses!


I’ll show you exactly how to build the foundation for a beautiful body without stress, confusion, and chaos 

Let me be the the first to tell you that you do NOT have to take tones of supplements or feel deplete with no energy to build an amazing body!

When you take your body to levels that it has never been before it gives you an entirely new outlook on life. Transforming your body takes self-control, discipline, perseverance, and a focused mindset. You will realize that if you can take control over your mind to transform your body you can also go after and take down ANY goals that you set your mind to. You will not only LOOK stronger, you will BE stronger.

Able to open things and lift things that you typically had to ask help for. You will walk down the street or go to different stores and people will be able to tell, without you saying a word, that you workout. They might even ask if you are an athlete. Not to mention it won’t matter what you wear, YOU will make the outfit.  You will have a new level of confidence and feel much more comfortable in your own skin! You will have more energy to do the stuff that you love! Not to mention that strength training and exercise is proven to increase mood, focus and creativity!

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  • Tight Body
  • Sexy Muscles
  • Look Amazing In Everything You Wear
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Creativity
  • Improved Discipline
  • Better Self-Control
  • More Energy For Business & Travel
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Save Time
  • Avoid Frustration
  • Look Ultra Sexy For Hubby


Are you my savvy girl?

This program is For You If

You are a woman of faith, Online fempreneur, savvy career woman, COach, Or consultant

(You Control Your Time & Make No Excuses To Skip Your Workouts or Prioritize Your Health)

You are ready to take action now

(You Are Not Trying To Wait Until Everything Is Perfect You Are Ready Now)

You Have A NO Excuse Mentality

(You Are Not Letting Holidays, Social Pressures, or Work Get You Off Your Game)

You are already motivated and have an active lifestyle

(Your Health Is Important To You & You Already Participate In Weekly Physical Activity)

You are a self-starter

(You Don’t Need Someone Holding Your Hand. You Just Need A Solid Plan & Community)

You are trying to up-level your body & Life

(You Are Aggressively Trying To Take Your Body From Average To Elite)

You just need clear direction

(You Are Tired Of Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own & You Are Ready To Invest In A Plan)

You want to connect and support other women of like mind

(You Want To Take This Journey With Other Boss Babes Who Are Just As Intense As You Are)

Alexis Testimony

I contacted Jená and she assessed my physical activity and dietary habits to help me reach my goals. Not only did I lose 20 lbs, I was able to enrich my life physically, mentally, and spiritually through her methods. Not long after that, I casted as a performer for Norwegian Cruise Line. Once I got off the ship and all my favorite foods were readily accessible again The Fitness JEM released The Elitist Cardio & Ab Lab (now called the Bangin Ab Video Workout Program) ever so appropriately! I was able to get a very effective workout in everyday for only 20 minutes a day. The replays were also really great for me due to my changing rehearsal/work schedule. Also I was able to download each workout and keep doing them for weeks after the series was over.

Alexis D. Tidwell

Actress, Vocalist, & Vocal Coach


I must warn you This program is not for everyone.

This program is NOT For You If

You are new to working out and ARE NOT COMFORTABLE LIFTING WEIGHTS

(This Program Is Not For Beginners)


(The Only Way You Can Push Through Or Do Your Workouts Is With Someone Always Encouraging You)


(You Start and Stop Programs All Of The Time)

You are a negative NANCY OR DEBBIE DOWNER 

(You Complain About Everything & Try To get Others To Rally Behind Your Rebellion)


I have been WAITING AND PRAYING for you! I’m excited to have you join my savvy army. you were born BRILLIANT, now it’s time to take clear and decisive action so you can feel sexier and be More confident!


The Elitist Logo


What's Included

  • This program comes equipped with a comprehensive 6 week training program. You will know what exercise to do, how many sets, how many reps, how much rest you should take between each exercise, and which days to rest completely. I have taken all of the confusing and guess work out for you! 
  • Includes grocery shopping list so you can make quicker trips to the grocery store
  • Macronutrient calculator: There are three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) all of us need a certain amount of each nutrient depending on our height, weight, and body fat percentage. Knowing these number helps when it comes to sculpting your body. My guide teaches you to calculate YOUR SPECIFIC protein, carbs, and fats needs to reaching your body goals.
  • Calorie calculator: Everyone has a certain amount of calories they need to eat in order to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain their current weight. That number is based on a persons height, weight, age, and activity level. In my guide I will teach you how to calculate your specific calorie needs in order for you to reach your body goals.
  • 5 week meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat for breakfast and additional recipes so you can swap and mix and match
  • Instead of your searching the interwebs looking for the proper way to do individual exercises, I have created a database with all of the videos in one place. All the exercises are organized by week and workout so you have everything you need in one place!

Transformational Training

This program gives you the opportunity to work with me on a high level from anywhere in the world! If you have the desire to really take your life and body up a notch this program will be great for you!

Bianca Success

I have purchased a couple of programs from Jená and I finished each one more than satisfied. Not just with the results I earned over the course of each period, but just with her in general! She is so passionate about her profession and you can immediately tell that she will do anything in her power to make sure you get the best experience as possible as long as you are willing to put in the work.  I really wish she was still in Memphis because working with her online was AWESOME but I can only imagine what she could push me thru if we could work together face to face. You will NOT regret anything you purchase from this amazing young woman. Money well spent for sure!

Bianca Mabry

CEO of Reloaded Meals


Q:How Does YOUR Online Training Work?

In many ways, it is exactly like hiring and working with me in the gym. BUT, online training gives ME the ability to train YOU from anywhere in the world! It also allows YOU to get LOADS more resources, tutorials, access, and support from me at an affordable rate! What happens is I create a training plan that is tailored towards specific goals. In that plan I tell you what exercises to do, how many reps, how many sets, how much weight, how much rest, what you should be eating, and how much of it you should be eating. I then deliver that detailed and specific plan to you weekly via online portal that you will get access to.

Q:What’s In It For Me?

Image 3 months from now what it would feel like to FINALLY have the defined abs, tones arms, sexy back, and strong curvy legs that you have desired for a while! Think of how it would feel to look amazing in everything you wear! You will walk away from this program happier, more confident in who you are, more focused and creative. You are going to have a beautiful strong body and have loads more energy for business and travel. You are going to avoid frustration and save time from trying to figure out everything on your own. YOU ARE GOING TO BE ELITE!

Q:Will This Program Work For Me?

I want to be very clear about this! If you DO THE WORK, eat the meals, follow the training plan, show up for the coaching calls, and put in the time you WILL get the results you are looking for. No doubt about it! You will never get a return on an investment you didn’t make! Simply stated, you put in what you get out. If you expect this program to magically transform your body without giving it your best effort, then this program this not for you.

Q:What If I Have No Experience In The Weight Room

I will be providing a video database for all the workouts so you will know what to do in the gym. You do not have to be an expert but you should be familiar with weight training. I recommend you take a tour of your gym and get familiar with the equipment.

Q:What Happens After I Sign Up?

After you sign up you will get an email from me welcoming you to the program! HOW EXCITING! After your payment is processed you will then get a follow up email with detailed instructions about how to log into your membership portal and access your weekly workouts and meal plan.

Q:When will the program start?

The programs starts the following Monday after you sign up! This is done so you have time to read through everything and prep for your first workout properly. You are encouraged to read over the program and complete all the necessary worksheets and food shopping!
Q:Will This Program Be To Advanced For Me?

The Elitist is NO JOKE! This is a relentless program that is going to PUSH YOU PAST AVERAGE. I will be expecting a lot out of you, simply because I expect it of myself. Let me ease your mind by saying to don’t have to be a former athlete, a super athlete, or be in great shape to start. However, you do need to already be active (working out 2+ time/wk). If you are still not sure if this is too much for you please email me at and I will get you sorted out. If you are really out of shape I suggest you starting with The 5 Day Jumpstart. It has a five day workout program that will give you a starting point and help you build up to this level!

Q:Will I Need A Gym Membership?

This is a weight training program. You will need a gym membership if you don’t have access to weight lifting equipment. With places like planet fitness that offer $10/mo. membership, don’t allow this to be a barrier to you transforming your body and life!

Q:What If I Need Additional Support?

If you need help before then you can contact me at and I will get back to you within 48 hours (typically way sooner).