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Deep Down Inside You Know That
God Has More For you!



You know that it’s possible for you to wake up every day and genuinely love the life you have worked for! You know that you haven’t even begun to touch the hem of God’s provision for your life and you’re so close you can FEEL it! You know one of your greatest struggles is dealing with second guessing yourself, doubt, and confusion. The fear of failing is holding you back. You are a beautiful spirit that truly rejoices when your friends and soul-sistahs reach new levels of personal success (…but you still wonder, when is it going to be your turn)!

Let Me Let You In On Something!


Your desire is to be the woman that impacts the world! You want to die having poured all of what God has given you out! You want to have amazing relationships, be financially stable, enjoy your career, and/or create wealth in your business! You want everything you do to serve as worship to God! Guess what?! You can! It’s not the MISTAKES, EMBARRASSMENTS, OR SECOND-GUESSING that’s keeping you from breaking through and making your desires a reality. But I know one thing is for sure, the buck stops here! Time to nip this in the bud NOW so you can experience accelerated mental clarity, get back to making quick decisions, build your confidence, and create a world where you experience the best that God has to offer!


At one point in your life you were so sure of yourself, your relationships, career, and business (side-hustle). You confidently made plans and executed them with no reservations. After experiencing many disappointments via unwise decisions, unsuccessful relationships, or unfavorable coaches and busienss partners (which was my trigger), you started to feel that you “wasted” money, time, and energy. This devestated your confidence & the momentum train slowed (and may have even halted).

You have read all the books, listened to all the podcasts & sermons, created the vision boards, and can make to-do lists like the best of them, hoping that somewhere somehow you will get clear direction and clarity.

Every week you create plans to intentionally meet new people, lose some weight, finish your business plan, but you quickly find yourself being distracted by other things that “appear” more urgent. And again you push your plans to the bottom of your list.

You are overwhelmed and spend so much of your day just trying to get OVER the feeling of being overwhelmed. You know you have so much that you could be doing but the thought of doing it makes you not start (you see how this pattern can create a never ending circle).

You are an accomplished woman and other people on the outside looking in would think you are on the path and got it goin’ on! You know that people trust you, but you are afraid if they knew how much mental turmoil you experience daily or how much your progress has slowed you would be called a fraud.

You know that you are a brilliant, accomplished, and passionate woman, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you doubt yourself A LOT and struggle with confidence issues. You want to be the confident woman that knows her power, can convey it, and doesn’t feel shy to name her worth.

What If You Could Actually
Stop Second Guessing Yourself





Hey girl, I’m Jená Emily Utley Holistic Lifestyle Maven & Possibility Trainer, and I help entrepreneurial women achieve God’s promises in their lives. If God said we could have it and it’s possible, I will help you get it. BOOM! I can tell you right now that worry, confusion, stress, and second guessing yourself is NOT a part of God’s inheritance package for your life!

I have personally experienced what it’s like to doubt myself and get to the point of constant confusion. To be in a state of always second guessing myself (knowing deep down inside that the father of lies was stirring the pot) but not knowing a real and practical plan to stop it or reverse the effects it was having on my confidence. The constant hesitation to execute my plans due to the fear of messing up or embarrassing myself was a real source of bondage.

As a full-time entrepreneur, my clarity, confidence, and decision-making ability is the lifeblood of my business and having that under heavy attack is like being in the middle of a lake with no paddle. You can see the shore but to get there is such a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining task.

I did NOT want to live my life that way, so I started standing on scripture and started applying God’s promises to my life. It has revolutionized my confidence, my ability to trust myself, and my capacity to be a better business influencer.

After spending TOO much time battling fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage (although I didn’t realize that’s what is was at the time, it was very subtle and looked like self-preservation), I FINALLY pushed to the next level of personal success that I knew God wanted me to have! I realized I didn’t have to be perfect or know it all. That it was possible for me to truly feel fulfilled. I just had to remove the fear and sabotage and allow God to guide me.

I went from a brave woman who was great at making decisions and consistently accomplished my goals to a woman that was so unsure of myself that I second-guessed almost every decision I made from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.

I feel so much better about myself and the woman I am becoming! It has translated into so many areas of my life, including my business! This year I have made more money ALONE than I did in my first two years of business combined. My skin is glowing, my body is fit, and I finally feel like myself again. I was feeling so good that I found the bravery to cut most of my hair off. This is what freedom feels like!

The Accomplished Woman


Completion Course

Several women have reached out to me wanting to know HOW I remain so steadfast and confident. I decided to share the exact process God walked me through to go from despair to feeling accomplished. For me, since my business is closely tied to my purpose, it was the thing under the heaviest attack. But it was through that experience I gained the knowledge and understanding concerning how to defeat confusion and overwhelm in LIFE!

If you want to overcome stress and unsubscribe from struggle NOW, you need a roadmap that walks you through how to follow Gods instructions, overcome the barriers that will come up, and help you manifest God’s promises.

The Class Schedule

The Accomplished Woman: 7 Day Completion Course is a 7-part video program that comes complete with my custom “Accomplished Woman Workbook” that walks you through each class and helps you strategically fight for what’s yours! Each mind-shifting video walks you through very important topics that are diverse but connected, in order to address the deep issue of confusion and second guessing. 


Class 1: Finances

  • Discover how money is chiefly tied to your issue of second-guessing and how to stop it so you can regain personal power!
  • Learn how to make solid purchase decisions so you won’t continue to fund your life, passions, or business with debt!
  • Learn how to set financial goals and actually achieve them!

Class 2: Forgive

  • Discover how to stay in forgiveness towards others (friends, parents, coaches, business partners) for past wrongdoings so you can feel refreshed and stay in a position for God to propel you!
  • Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes so you can start trusting yourself and others again!
  • Relearn how to operate out of a spirit of hope and positivity instead of skepticism and fear so you can have internal peace while you are implementing your plans

Class 3: Formulate (Forming)

  • Expose limiting beliefs that you hold against yourself (knowingly or unknowingly) so you can address them and no longer trivialize your power, importance, or capacity to do amazing things!
  • Reform a new identity around your strengths so you can confidently choose opportunities that directly align with your goals without getting confused!
  • Learn how to take past experiences and pull out opportunities that you can capitalize off of!

Class 4: Focus

  • Learn the real reason why you are struggling with focus and how to fix it NOW so you can be that dependable and consistent woman you desire to be!
  • Discover how to eliminate insignificant things so you can hyper focus on your goals and finish them with 100% accuracy!
  • Learn to power through your plans when interruptions and frustration appear so you can build up momentum, consistency, and self-trust!

Class 5: Fight

  • Discover how to use God word for clarity and direction so you can combat the spirit of overwhelm when it tries to attack you!
  • Learn how to use your body as a weapon against doubt so you can consistently feel creative, joyful, and energized!
  • Reprogram your life and language to speak Gods facts instead of your feelings so you can finally manifest your desires!

Class 6: Flow

  • Learn to work within your personal strengths (not against them) so that you can improve your happiness and productivity!
  • Discover how to reduce internal friction so that you can make your work more enjoyable and second guess yourself less!
  • Learn how to identify and push past pseudo-fatigue so you can increase your creativity and find your groove!

Class 7: Finesse

  • Discover ways to finesse the finish so you can avoid burnout!
  • Learn how to can carry the momentum of your triumph into your next project!
  • Discover how to diminish the small voice that tells you you’re not qualified (when it rears its ugly head)!

Invest  In YourFreedom

Chronic second-guessing, indecision, and confusion do NOT have to be a way of life for you. Ultimately indecision is a decision to stay where you are and not grow into the accomplished woman you want to be. How long with you stay stuck? Or will you be one of the few women who fight their way out?

Though it took me months, years, and at last tally 15k+ dollars (no I’m not lying- I have receipts to prove it) to dig out of doubt, fear, and second-guessing it was important for me to share this with you! Why? Because I believe everyone should have the peace of mind and walk with confidence knowing they have what it takes to make a plan and follow it through.

It’s time to get the clutter cleared so you can move forward. We both know that you DON’T want to be amongst the plethora of folks who hate what their life!If you know that you are not moving forward on the things you’re good at or things that bring you joy in your current space, it’s time to become an accomplished woman!

 After The Accomplished Woman You’ll Have…

A clear game plan of what you need to do to confidently STOP second guessing yourself and make quick decisions

† Mindset strategies you can use to SHUT DOWN the enemy when he tries to convince you “you’re not enough”

† The tools and tricks I used to rapidly grow my confidence and self-trust

† Insider strategies for keeping you focused on your wins NOT your mistakes

† Confidence in the face of decision-making because you know how to select the choice that keeps you on the course of action that leads you to your success

† Proactive plan before panic and worry try to attack

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Accomplished Woman:
7 Day Completion Course really work for me?

I want to be very clear about this! If you (DO THE WORK) follow the classes, do the homework, take action where you are prompted, and put in the effort, you WILL get the results you are looking for. No doubt about it! You will never get a return on an investment you didn’t make! Simply stated, you put in what you get out. If you expect this program to magically transform your mindset without giving it your best effort, then this program this not for you.

What’s in it for me? How do I truly benefit?

Imagine 3 months from now what it would feel like to FINALLY finish the plans you have been revising all these months. To be able to trust yourself again and not constantly battle with worry, confusion, or second guessing yourself. Imagine how much freedom you will have in your life, marriage, finances, and business by creating a track record of following through. You benefit because you take control over your life, and you become stronger and wiser for it! You will walk away from this program happier, more confident in who you are, and more focused and creative. You are going to avoid frustration and save time from trying to figure out everything on your own.

How long is the program?

The program is 7 weeks

What’s included in the program? How long will each class be?

This is a recorded, 7-part video course. This program comes complete with my custom “The Accomplished Woman Workbook” that will guide you through each class and provide homework. You will get one class a week for 7 weeks. You’ll have access to the recordings, that you can replay for as long as you want and as often as you want.

What if I don’t like the class or it’s just not right for me?

I believe in this class 100% because it’s based on what I personally did to stop the pattern of second guessing myself so I could follow through with my plans. However, if you get into the class and feel like it’s not for you, you have up to 3 days after purchase to request a full refund, no questions asked. Just email me at, and I’ll quickly take care of that for you.