I want to take a moment to capture how I feel about this supernatural summer. If you watch me on YouTube, you know that my husband quit his job on June 28th. We packed both of our cars to leave Michigan on July 19th heading down the highway to Memphis, Tennessee!

When John came home after his last day, I had some balloons and a couple surprise gifts for him because I wanted him to know that we were in this together. I wanted him to feel special and for him to not feel anything other than joy about this next adventure. This mini celebration was so important to show him that as long as we have God and each other then we are good.

At the end of June and into July, we listed so much stuff on Facebook Marketplace, because we wanted to move freely. I cannot believe how much we were able to sell! Y’all, we sold everything from our bed frame and mattress to our shower-caddy. Facebook Marketplace was really a game changer for us, because craigslist had not been showing any fruit!

We didn’t want the moving process to feel rushed at all or for either of us to get overwhelmed. Since this whole summer is Supernatural Summer, we wanted to do the move in a supernatural way too. If you have ever moved before, you know that the gamut of emotions that can spring up throughout the process. Although we had a few moments of sadness or frustration, the moving experience has been amazing. There was hardly any stress. The process was simply John and I supernaturally working as partners. God really covered us with his grace for those last few weeks in Michigan! 

Once we got ready to leave, I was really hit hard by everything. As I was going through the last walk-through of the apartment, this flood of excitement ran through my body. I had that same feeling when John quit his job. It truly set in deeper, and I kept thinking to myself that “We are really doing this!”


Even though we don’t know our next move, we KNOW that God has us. That feeling is 100% okay with me. I am not panicking, stressing, or worrying about anything. I truly know that God has us.

Before we left, we prayed together. In Matthew 6, Jesus speaks about not worrying over food or clothing and to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Once that is done, which we are certainly doing this summer, then God will take care of the rest! So, I know God will take care of us. I know John was a little nervous at times, because he is very practical. In the past, he had to have everything lined up. That’s just how his personality was and how he was raised. 

It makes me so proud of him to step out on faith like this. I know it can be a little uncomfortable, but I have his back. We have each other’s back! All we need is each other and God, and we will be okay. Although I can express how proud I am to my husband 50,000 times, it still wouldn’t explain how I feel. 

This is going against everything in his brain to make this happen. Before we left, John said, “I’m nervous because I don’t think this is going to look how we think it is going to look like.” I already know it isn’t going to look how we think it should look like. I told him that. It never looks how you envision it. However, I told him that it’s going to be good. It’s not going to look how we think it will, but that difference will be better than we could’ve imagined.

I’m super excited. I have no fear in my heart at all. God is going to watch out for us during supernatural summer and beyond that.

I’m excited to document our next steps in this #SupernaturalSummer. Specifically, I’m looking forward to the things God is going to be doing through us, showing us, and what we are learning from Him. We will be in Memphis for however long God keeps us there. John may be applying for another job, start talking to people who have been contacting him for work, or he may go back to school. John has been saying that he wants to go back for his MBA. He already has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, for what he wants to do career-wise, an MBA would be well-suited for him. Honestly, we both want to go back to school.

We are going to give ourselves 6-8 weeks to pray, seek God, surrender, relax with no stress or worries, and spend quality time with our families and friends. We want to have fun and chill, try new restaurants, and experience Memphis in a whole new way that we haven’t experienced it before. Neither of us have lived in Memphis in a while, so we are looking forward to soaking it all in. 

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouraging words, comments, and messages. It truly means so much to us on this supernatural summer. 

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