• his is a 5-day detox program that will primarily consist of juices, smoothies, and plants. However, the main focus of this program is NOT to rapidly lose weight and get "fit".

    The GOAL is to get healthy. Meaning...

    We will work in unison with God to help heal our bodies from the inside out. So often we pray for a weight, fitness, or health miracle, when God has ALREADY given us what we need for healing in the vegetation He created in Genesis 1! Three years ago when I moved to Michigan and experience my first (what felt like 6-month) winter, I found myself crying almost daily for WEEKS towards the end winter. I didn't understand what was going on. I kept having these internal conversations with myself asking if this is what depression felt like and if I was suffering from it.

    This detox will be an unusual 5-day journey as it will challenge you to focus on God (NOT losing weight), receiving clarity on YOUR mindset to achieve optimal health, and getting rid of emotional and spiritual junk that has weighed you down and stunted your growth! So you will not only be getting your health in good shape, God will also visit you and give you instructions about other areas of your life that you have been seeking clarity and guidance.

    When you sign up, you get access to the Mind-Body-Spirit Detox E-book that will include information about:

    • Pre-Tox: What to do before the detox begins
    • Tools: Equipment & Tools You Need To Succeed.
    • List: Grocery List That Tells EXACTLY What To Buy
    • Plan: Detailed Meal Schedule So You Know When To Eat What
    • Education: Learn Which Juices/Smoothies Improve What and Why
    • Post-Tox: What To Do & How To Maintain After The Program Ends
    After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email.

    After you submit payment for your first session you will receive a virtual questionnaire. This process works wonderfully if you get the questionnaire back to me the day you enroll!

    Once I have received your questionnaire I will email you a link to my calendar within 24 hours to set up our first session.

    With the virtual sessions, I will send you a private link to a virtual meeting room. Once inside, our sessions will run much like in-person training. I will be there to instruct, demonstrate, and motivate.

    The first session includes a 15-minute consult, a 30-minute workout, and a 10-minute review.

    During our review time, I will go over our session and give you fitness recommendations to help you improve imbalanced areas. I will also identify if we are a good fit and enroll you in a weekly or monthly training plan (if applicable).

    Let's get to work!

  • I completely understand how overwhelming nutrition can be sometimes. There is also some hot new way of eating that will "burn belly fat" or  help you "lose 30 pounds in a month."

    If social media, blogs, and your favorite wellness influencers have you scared to eat ANYTHING, this guide will eliminate the stress of knowing what to eat in order to heal your body. The Savvy Girl's Guide To Nutrition is a science-backed nutrition guide that is realistic and takes complex evidence-based knowledge and makes it simple. Say BYE to the stress and overwhelm of knowing what you should eat to stay healthy. No pseudo-facts, bro-science, fads, gimmicks, quick fixes or removal of whole food groups here! Just a nutritional guide that you can learn and grow from!

    This guide includes information about:

    • Calories: Determine the specific number of calories YOU need for your body and goals
    • Macronutrients: Learn what they are, why you need them, and how to calculate each for YOUR particular body and goals
    • Micronutrients: Learn what they are and why you need them
    • Food Labels: Learn how to properly read food labels so you can make wiser decisions while grocery shopping
    • Meal Plan: 5-day meal plan to get you started with additional meal suggest
    • Grocery List: Shopping list to help you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with good stuff
    • Best Practices: Learn how to shop and prep food with minimal stress (even if you cook your food fresh daily)

    Yes, this workout is comprised of strength training and cardio workouts, but don't expect what happens in your life and body to be average!

    God gives us promises and calls us to decree and declare things into the atmosphere and spiritual realm. However, we cannot make light of the fact that He put our spirits into a human capsule. God is not a wasteful God, and all that He creates has a purpose and is significant. You have an obligation to use your words to change the atmosphere, but you are just as responsible for being a good steward over your body and using it as a tool to unlock our purposes here on earth.

    We are 3-part beings (body, soul, spirit), so our bodies have to be a part of the equation. If there is a part that is not being involved in the process (such as the body), then the whole process doesn’t work right.

    With that in mind, I created She Is Armored. This is a 5-day fitness challenge that is every bit of a warfare workout! Why?! Because daily we will learn how to spiritually put on the full armor of God while challenging ourselves to physically build up strength. This 5-day gym based workout plan splits workouts into 5 body groups directly aligned with the armor of God (our spiritual weaponry)!

    We will work in union with God to strengthen our bodies from the inside out. 
    This program is NOT typical as it will challenge you to focus on God (NOT getting ripped), battling and winning for what rightfully belongs to you, and hearing what God is trying to tell you!

    When you sign up, you get access to the She Is Armored E-book that will include information about:

    • Workouts: Detailed outline of each workout
    • Demo Videos: Showing you how to do each movement of every workout
    • Notes: Dedicated space to journal how you are feeling and what God is telling you
    • Coaching Audios: To help you learn how to connect the physical and spiritual
    • Daily Emails: To keep you on track and motivated
     After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email.


    8 Workouts Monthly (Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 am EST)

    4 Monthly Check-ins & Coaching Calls

    Must Be Able To Attend Live (no replays)

  • Designed for women leaders who feel that God is calling them to be more visible on Youtube (but are a bit overwhelmed). This program takes a very hands-on approach to help put all of the pieces together (images, tags, video strategy, etc) to create a solid foundation. The goal is to demonstrate how to run a purpose-filled YouTube channel so you can do it consistently & with confidence.