Man o man! I have read a number of books in my life, but these are the ones that stuck! These are the ones that truly changed me, taught me, and elevated me.



I cannot tell you how many times I have went to the grocery store to buy something and all of a sudden get an alert that I got some cash back! I love getting cash back for things I was already going to purchase. Dosh is a cash back app that searches all available coupons, promo codes, and rebates and gives you cash (not credits, coupons, or gift cards). There is literally no catch! All I did was link the debit and credit cards I actually use and that’s it. If I purchased something with one of their partners (which I do often without realizing it), I get some money back. Dats’ it! Use my LINK to sign up and get $5 just for linking your first card.


I have been selling on Poshmark for years! I am all about sustainable living and this is a great way for me to buy and sell clothes secondhand! Many of the items I sell are new/gently used but I just don’t wear them. This is great way for me to sell those items and ensure they don’t end up in a landfield somewhere! Download the app and use the code [THEFITNESSJEM] to earn $5. If you are already on the app find me @TheFitnessJem!


Here’s $25 to start investing on Stash when you use my link. You can invest in industries like food, retail, technology, and more with just $5 at a time. Use my link to get a $25 bonus!

Capital One

Over the years I have learned that credit cards are not the enemy, spending habits are. My husband and I did the emotional, mental, and spiritual work of paying off over $80,000 in debt (watch the video). Over time we have been learning how to let our money make us more money. One way we are doing that is with our Captial One Travel Card. We wanted to be people that traveled more but wanted to do so with wisdom. We use the card to pay for everyday expenses that we would have to spend money on anyway and at the end of the billing cycle we pay it off in full. This allow us to collect travel points that we use to travel!



This workout timer is super clutch! It’s super small, I can clip it to my clothes when I workouts, it can handle all types of intervals, and it beeps & vibrates to let you know when to start and stop. This gadget helps me put my workouts on auto piolet. Put the phone up and the stopwatch down! Set your intervals, clip the Gymboss to your shirt or pants, and get to work! Plus they come in all kinds of cute colors and designs.


Foam rolling is great for breaking up scar tissue and knots we get in our muscles. It helps to improve circulation and flexibility. I love to foam roll before I workout and strecth afterwards. A little foam rolling goes a long way. Consistenly rolling 5-10 minutes a day will greatly benefit you and your muscles.


I require all of my clients to get a heart rate monitor when working with me. It helps use track how many calories are being during during our sessions and shows me beat per minuties so I can gauge how hard they are working. This is the exact watch I have and use to track my workouts!


Collectively, these are the tools that I used to make it easier for me to be/ eat healthily and lower my carbon footprint!


Collectively, these are the healthy foods, superfoods, and supplements I use on a regular basis. When I select foods I always research to make sure the ingredients are clean & sourced well, are of high quality, and are activated and will readily be absorbed by my body. After I get my products, I test them out for a few weeks to see how my body responds to them and monitor any changes I see. All of the products listed below are ones that work well with my body and I have noticed improvements in my health with! If you need help understanding the supplements and how to build your own personal regime feel free to book a consult with me.



If you are looking for a hosting service to host your website Siteground is it! After spending several years with another company, that had less than stellar customer service, I did a little research and found Siteground. After my web designer cosigned this company, I was all in. They have great customer service and reasonable prices.


This software has changed the game for me. I use this as additional support to my website. I think of it as my second in command. It delivers all of my digital freebies, e-books, programs, and courses. I don’t have to weigh my site down with videos, pdfs, images, or audio files. Nor do I have to come up with complicated emails to distribute to my customers so they can get the materials they paid for. It makes is so easy for my clients to access their materials from anywhere and go through my courses with ease. It is interactive so my customers can ask me questions within whichever program they are working through. The customer service is next level I could go on and on about Membervault, but I want. Definitely check out their site to learn more and sign up for a free account! Take a look at how I set mine up!


When you get transparent, informational, or even funny emails from me it’s due in part to Active Campagin. This is the service I use to email you. I have make the emails as cutomized, animated, or plain as I desire. They have both free and paid plans. I have used other services before AC, but they do not compare. If you are not a part of my newsletter, you can join here!


I have been using fivver since the inceptions of my business! I was really helpful in my early stages to help me brand with such a small, sometimes invisible, budget. Till this day, I use fiverr to get graphics, videos, banners, audio content, + more created for as low as 5 dollars! The intro and outro for my podcast were created on Fiverr! Take a listen!


Canva is my right-hand man! When I need something designed quick or I want to design something myself, I use Canva. I don’t have to know how to use the really expensive and often complicated image and graphic software. Canva has many templates to help with everything from blog images, infographics, resumes, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook banners, you name it they have a template for it. I used Canva to create most of my digital workbooks and all of my YouTube Thumbnails. They have a free and paid version. Word to the wise, just go with the paid version is worth it!


If you are a blogger, YouTube creator, entreprenuer, marketer, or are a person that is always recommending products to friends, Magic Links is for you. I use MagicLinks for ready-to-shop product links from specialty stores (think Sephora, Sally’s Beauty, Target, Ulta, etc.)! It helps you earn commissions on the products that you are already recommending, at not cost to your peeps. When you sign up, using my link,


I have been on YouTube for over 5 years. In 2017 I got serious about the platform. I had heard people mention TubeBuddy in passing and I thought it would be a waste of time and another thing for me to learn how to use. I took a leap at the end of 2019 and downloaded the free version,  boy o boy did I find out how wrong I was! TubeBuddy is so incredibly helpful and does a really great job of helping you managing a growing channel. I would encourage you to sign up for a free account. After you have played around with it for a week or two then try some of the free upgrades!

If you have directed your way to this page, I’m pretty sure that you want to know what I am using to heal my gut, get in shape, run my business, or maybe even see the tools I used to build my relationship with God. Whatever the reason, I GOT YOU! I have spent time cultivating a list of programs, services, apps, books, and products that have truly changed the game for me! If an item is listed on this page it’s because I fully vouch for it! I would never recommend a product that I don’t like or have never used. In full transparency, some of the links are affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on a link and decide to purchase a product, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you! This helps me and is a simple way to show support!