Reinventing Myself, AGAIN!

A little-known fact about me is that I use to LOVE Missy Elliot. Not for her music per say (which I did enjoy), but I had so much respect for her ability to reinvent, innovate, and step ALL THE WAY out of the box. If you would’ve known me in High School, you would have gotten to see first hand just how much I pushed the limits as it related my fashions (as Miss Sherleen would say) largely because I was inspired by her boldness! I hate to admit this, but somewhere down the line, I got lazy and started playing it safe. Not just in my fashions, but in life. Over the last 2 years, I have really done some work to get out of my own way and raise the bar that I set in my life. Reinvention is just a natural part of the process.

I am willing to reinvent myself (not my nature/purpose/or deepest motivations) as many times as possible as I grow in life, accept myself more, and push myself to new levels! If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube you may have noticed a lot of stuff changing! Well, that was VERY intentional. Over the last few months, I have gotten really clear on what I want the next phase of my life and business to “feel” like. I can honestly say, I have never felt so good about the direction that I am going. It feels so effortless even though much work and dedication is going into it all!

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself!

I have been in the process of shifting what I DO to be more in-line with what I want to do. So allow me to re-introduce myself! I am Jená Emily Utley. Holistic Lifestyle Maven and Possibility Trainer! I help creative, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women achieve what they ONCE thought was impossible by attaining a FIT mind, body, and understanding of God’s promises. I do this via online coaching, digital programs, and soon to come live events (I’m pumped to do my first live event this year)!

So from here on out, we will be helping each other GROW into the possibilities that we want for our lives through Christ. What do those possibilities look like? Endlessness! Healthy hair, fit body, sound mind, financial stability, beneficial relationships, YOU NAME IT (Shirley Caesar voice lol). I’m so excited to be taking this journey with you! Comment below and let me know what possibilities you are believing for!

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Jená Emily Utley is a Holistic Lifestyle Maven and Possibility Trainer. She helps creative, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women achieve what they once thought impossible by attaining a fit mind, body, and understanding of God promises!

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