I completely understand how overwhelming nutrition can be sometimes. There is also some hot new way of eating that will “burn belly fat” or  help you “lose 30 pounds in a month.”

If social media, blogs, and your favorite wellness influencers have you scared to eat ANYTHING, this guide will eliminate the stress of knowing what to eat in order to heal your body. The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Nutrition is a science-backed nutrition guide that is realistic and takes complex evidence-based knowledge and makes it simple. Say BYE to the stress and overwhelm of knowing what you should eat to stay healthy. No pseudo-facts, bro-science, fads, gimmicks, quick fixes or removal of whole food groups here! Just a nutritional guide that you can learn and grow from!

This guide includes information about:

  • Calories: Determine the specific number of calories YOU need for your body and goals
  • Macronutrients: Learn what they are, why you need them, and how to calculate each for YOUR particular body and goals
  • Micronutrients: Learn what they are and why you need them
  • Food Labels: Learn how to properly read food labels so you can make wiser decisions while grocery shopping
  • Meal Plan: 5-day meal plan to get you started with additional meal suggest
  • Grocery List: Shopping list to help you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with good stuff
  • Best Practices: Learn how to shop and prep food with minimal stress (even if you cook your food fresh daily)