Hi, I’m Jená Emily Utley Holistic Lifestyle Maven & Possibility Trainer, and I help women leaders get FIT for their purpose. I can tell you right now that although I have been an athlete for most of my life and got advanced degrees in exercise science that my fitness journey has been far from perfect!

Between 2014 and 2017, I gained 34+ lbs of fat! Some intentionally, some not! During this time, I went through a full spectrum of emotions that eventually lead to a come to Jesus moment. I was angry, embarrassed, hopeless, and afraid. Angry because although I wasn’t eating and working out perfectly, I was still WORKING and my body was NOT responding. Embarrassed because I am a trainer so I’m supposed to “always” look fit.

Years of being a trainer and having this very real struggle with weight, body image, and health, I realized that focusing on the destination and getting to a certain weight or look was NEVER going to be enough! God showed me how what I was doing WAS NEVER healthy. That healing and health came from HIM alone and it was arrogant of me to do it my way. It pricked my heart to see that I cared more about LOOKS & AESTHETICS than true health.

 From that point on I made a commitment to myself and my future clients. That I was going to ALWAYS include God and focus on HEALTH. I’m thankful that I went through this experience! It has made me a trainer that is more compassionate and skilled at doing the mental and spiritual work in order to help my clients sustain a healthy and balanced mind, body, & spirit! Now I am ready to help you win and heal!


You are powerful, magnetic, and know that God has placed you on this earth for a reason! You love to move efficiently and work with a spirit of excellence. If you’re like most of the clients I work with, you’re trying to find a real, honest way to live a life filled with purpose, confidence, and good health! You’ve grown tired of having low energy and persisting health issues. You’re ready to stop being overwhelmed by working out and find a solution that fits your goals, personality, and your belief in God’s ability to completely heal every ailment you are experiencing. I know you! You ARE high achieving and goal-oriented! You desire EARTH SHAKING confidence that allows you to walk into ANY room and command attention. You want to develop the discipline to sustain a healthy lifestyle that ultimately leads to a strong body and mind! But how?

 What I offer is transformational personal training. It’s a lifestyle shift. A fork in the road. This is a game-changer. What we do together is purpose-filled and destiny driven. If you work with me, it goes without saying that you don’t want what’s good; you want the best. You desire to operate in a place of excellence. I will encourage you, motivated you, but also challenge you beyond the physical. We are going to DEAL with mindsets, relationships, and blockages that are keeping you from walking out your full health and being confident in your body and abilities!

Want more energy? We can get there! Want to feel accomplished? I am going to sharpen your iron so that you will complete this task! Want to feel confident? I am going to exhort you to a new level of self-love, confidence, and faith! DON’T SKIP THIS PART! You will have to work. This is going to take much effort on your part and a desire to listen, follow Jesus, and allow yourself to win!

You are ready to take action now

(You Are Not Trying To Wait Until Everything Is Perfect.)

You Have A NO Excuse Mentality

(You Are Not Letting Holidays, Social Pressures, or Work Get You Off Your Game.)

You are a self-starter

(You Just Need An Extra Layer of Accountability and You Are Off To The Races)

You are trying to up-level your Health

(You Are Focused On Healing Your Body Not The Weight On The Scale)

You just need clear direction

(You Are Tired Of Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own & You Are Ready To Invest In A Plan.)


 This training process requires a motivated spirit and a determined mind. It is my mission to bring you to your next level of fitness stronger and wiser! If you are looking for a coach that will let you complain and grumble about everything that isn’t going right, this is not the program you need and I am not the trainer you want! I take on clients that are dedicated and positive!  I have two advanced degrees in exercise physiology and I stay current on best practices and research. I consider fitness coaching just as much of art as it is science. The way I interpret and demonstrate your specific workout sessions will fit your lifestyle, goals, and personality.


* Polar Heart Rate Monitor

* DEXA Scan

*Updated Physical By Physician


It is required that all clients to go through my Mind Body Spirit Detox program. This will serve as your meal plan for the first week of training (but it’s really so much more than that). It will set you up to experience food differently. After which, the following weeks of training will focus on hitting certain nutrition challenges instead of written detailed meal plans.

The goal of our time together as it relates to nutrition is for me to help you build sound eating habits without putting you on a traditional meal plan and drastically eliminating foods out of your diet. I don’t want to teach you a lifestyle where you feel the only way for you to lose weight or modify your body composition is for you to restrict yourself. I believe there is a better way.