Yo Yo Yo! As your resident Holistic Lifestyle Maven & Possibility Trainer, I am here to help you live a FUN healthy lifestyle! Stop making it harder than it has to be. By incorporating small things into your daily routine (even if you are a busy babe constantly on the move) you will WIN.

One thing that I have been throwing into the mix the last month or so has been Matcha! I love finding SIMPLE things that I can do that reduce my morbidity & and improve mortality!

If you don’t know, Matcha is Green Tea that has been ground down into very high-quality powder. For all of you who have been asking about my matcha recipe, here you go!

Grass Fed Butter (Unsalted Irish Kerry Gold Brand)
Easily digestible and absorbable healthy fat with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that help with brain health, heart health, and a number of other things. It also contains vitamin K2 which is good for healthy skin and teeth! 

Coconut Oil (Kelapo Brand)
Another healthy fat that increases your healthy cholesterol (HDL), which can improve memory and energy. It can also help with inflammation and improve digestion! I love the Kelapo brand.

Unflavored Gelatin 
Powder that helps with skin and joint health. Plus it is an easy source of protein at 11g/tbsp! I have been trying for about a year to incorporate more Gelatin into my diet with no success. I started adding it to my matcha mix when I saw @hannahbronfman do it and it has worked brilliantly for me!

Matcha (Teavana Brand)
High in antioxidants which protect the body from harmful molecules and helps to detoxify the body! I’m currently using the @teavanatea brand.

There are so many more benefits that each ingredient has, but I just added a few to give you an idea. When drinking Matcha regularly, remember to drink just as much water! Too much of anything can be harmful if proper procedures aren’t followed! It is possible to live the healthy life God promises you. Have you tried Matcha? What did you think?

Image Credit: Teavana.com