Lower Body Foam Rolling Routine

You have to treat your body well in order to walk in your divine purpose. If your mind is strong but your body is weak you are doing a great disservice to yourself! If your body is strong but you don’t recover adequately you are doing a great disservice to yourself!

Manifesting God’s promises for your life and living holistically healthy requires that you eat well, work out, and rest smart. If you are working out regularly, you MUST practice good recovery. When you don’t you can end up with aches, referred pain, and poor sleep!

Today I am showing you how to foam roll so you can keep your body and muscles in tip top shape!

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release that allows you to personally massage your muscles so that you can increase blood flow, range of motion, and prevent injury. When you workout regularly or sit for a long bout of time without stretching, your body becomes accustomed to that and you being to form imbalances. Foam rolling allows you to release tension and knots that form within the fascia of your muscle so you can stay limber, recover better, and have better workouts. 

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Jená Emily Utley is a Holistic Lifestyle Maven and Possibility Trainer. She helps creative, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women achieve what they once thought impossible by attaining a fit mind, body, and understanding of God promises!

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