I am coming into 2020 with the attitude of a lioness. That’s the kind of intensity, resolve, and energy that I want to carry all of this year and for the rest of my existence. To help commemorate my #LionessSeason, ya girl cut all of her hair off! I am BALD! Although this wasn’t a huge transition since I was already rocking a low brush cut, it was an act of faith for the type of year I want to have.

In years past, I would use the last several weeks to map out my vision for the upcoming year. I would make vision boards and vision lists. I would spend so much time thinking about what was coming that I wasn’t fully enjoying the current time and season I was in. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead and planning for the future. The bible tells us to write the vision down and make it plan. I think where I was messing up is the fact that I was planning with grinding and anxiousness. I wasn’t allowing myself the opportunity to plan and have peace to also enjoy my days. So while the Word Of God tells us to write the vision down and make it plan, It also tells us to don’t worry about the next day for it has its own trouble.

With all that in mind, for the last couple of years, I have taken a step back. I have started to fully enjoy the entire year and only when the New Year starts do I take time out to sit and reflect on the past and prep for what is to come. My husband and I actually sat down to do a review of our 2019. The best and worst moments of the year. 2019 was a great year and it was also a frustrating year for me. This is nothing new to hear if you are a part of my mailing list, so join now if you haven’t already. The frustrations I felt in 2019 have really spurred on this notion of my Lioness season.

One thing that is clear…

And has been for a while but God faithfully remains me, I need to slow down, stay consistent, revisit my boldness, and stay accountable to my community. When I say slow down I really mean slow my mind down. I am done with overthinking, overwhelm, and fear. It’s time for me to focus on one thing, complete it, then move on to the next piece. Now, I am still giving myself the freedom and flexibility to have an idea of what I want the full vision to look like but this time around I am only trying to build one room at a time instead of trying to build all the rooms simultaneously.

This also means that risky Jená is coming back! It’s time for me to do more without fear, worry, stress, and without making a ton of excuses. There are things that I have wanted to do for years now and it makes no sense to me that I still haven’t done them. Case in point, I want to do a triathlon. I have been wanting to do one for years! I wanted to do half-marathons, I did 3. I wanted to compete in body-building competitions, I did 3. That’s the kind of energy and risk that I am ready to unleash again. No excuse, no procrastination, no perfectionism, just faith, and action.

Buckle up because y’all are going to see me do and talk about so unorthodox things this year. Like… cut my hair bald. For a few years now I’ve wanted to do it, now it’s done. This is why I said the cut was an act of faith for me for the type of year I want to have.