I cried so hard last night. This was the first time I have cried like this in a while. I was upset for a number of reasons. #1 because I was assaulted a few weeks ago and then disrespected by the detective assigned to my case (he hung up in my face). #2 it was a challenge to focus on work because of #1. #3 I am planning my first big event (Curls and Kicks Fitness Party) and I was so unsure about many things that I am doing that are new to me! I cried and cried until I had no tears left. Well, in 2013 God made me a PERSONAL promise! Most times when I think on it I feel calm and at peace. As I type this, tears are flooding my eyes because now I feel so loved and grateful! He told me…

When you need my strength and when you need my encouragement I will be there for you. I will send it to you!

Why Me?

I am not proud to admit how I am sometimes like the Israelites in the wilderness, forgetting God’s track record and faithfulness. I sometimes forget about the LAST time I was heavy burdened, overwhelmed, self-conscious, fearful, faithless and yet He did what He promised! So as I cried my pain out last night I awoke to feel much differently.

As I begin to work on my projects (content scheduling & event prep) I started noticing messages on social media that hit me, I started receiving affirming text and messages, I begin to remember the promise God made to me and how He kept His promise so many times in the past. It’s like my heart opened up and I said out loud “I am going to be okay!” I’m remembering how God has NEVER failed me and He is not going to start now. So although I was in a sad place it’s like I feel totally opposite those emotions right now. I feel refreshed, motivated, and beyond sure that I GOT THIS!

…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning -Psalms 30:5

I thank God that trouble doesn’t last always! I want to let you know that that promise wasn’t just for me! I truly feel like it’s for you as well. I know we would always like to be strong, but weariness is also a part of the process. Just know that although things may seem scary and confusing, those times won’t last!

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