Hey! It’s your girl, Jená.  In short, this is going to be a good podcast if you are a micro-influencer or aspiring to become one.  I love helping women in ALL areas of their lives including business. Influencer marketing is a very new industry so there are not many regulations set yet. It is so easy to be manipulated and taking advantage of if you are not aware of what your job is and the service that you provide!


There are so many men and women influenceres who jump at non paid opportunities  JUST to say that they worked with a certain company.  Now, I am not saying that that is wrong. What I am saying is that it’s important to make sure that you as the influencers are still getting benefit from the partnership, even if you have a smaller audience. It has taken you your whole life to build the experiences that you showcase on social media platforms.  Also, it takes you a certain amount of time to build the followers that you have as well.   I know some people may say that you have to “play” the game when it comes to receiving free products.  However, my response to that is to do everything in prayer. There are some situations where God may want me to work with a company and what I receive in the long run outweighs the lack of money presented to me.  Then, there are times when God may say no and it is not worth my time.  Likewise, there is a time and place for everything.  

If you’re not going into your business prayerfully, you are doing it wrong.“-Jená


I have a small social media following, HOWEVER, I show up strong.  I take my time to get the music, graphics, mood and quality right.  I don’t show up as a newbie.  I show up as a vet.  I engage with, care about,  and pray for my audience.   I go to war spiritually for the women in my tribe. I started my business in 2013 and have gone through several business updates. It has taken me SIX years to gain what I have gained.  I am proud of my efforts.  Thus, even with a smaller audience I don’t just at free opportunies becasue I have put time, energy, and money into cultivating the engaged tribe that I have.

I’ve been praying for years about having mutually beneficial relationships.  Relationships were we both get something out of it.  Not in the “I’m using you and you using me” type of situation.  In a genuine and sincere way.  You get something out of it in a good and uplifting way and vice versa.”-Jená


As an influencer, it is your job to help bring awaress to brands and there products or services.  It is YOUR job to bring people to their company. The company has to do the work and keep in touch with the customers in order to make the sale.  It is their job to continue the conversation with the audience on social media, get their emails, and make the sale. A company is paying an influencer for brand awareness and advertising.  That’s it. If you get sales, that is a bonus but don’t expect that.


Influencers need to understand their value in the marketplace.  They need to understand what they are offering even when the companies do not.  Influencers offer brand awareness.  They do not offer sales.  Point blank period.  However, influencers CAN offer sales but that takes more time. Additionally, companies have to realize that they will have to pay for billboards, newspaper ads, Facebook ads, and etc, so they need to do the same thing for influencers.  They don’t go to Facebook and complain that they didn’t get any sign ups so they shouldn’t have to pay .  

 If an influencer has thousands of followers, then they should get compensated based on the reach the company will be exposed too.  Through it all, you should also get compensated for your time.  In particular, the time it takes to create content and promote THEIR products could be used for your OWN products and services.  

Influencers should be knowledgeable of what they’re doing so small companies can stop taking advantage of them.  Then, the influencer can politely educate the company on how influencers work.  Don’t be scared to say no.  These new influencers say yes to ridiculous deals because they want to feel validated.  Generally. your audience validates you.  The fact that people come to you is enough validation for you.  


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