One thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that I have moments where my routine with God is very consistent and others where it is not. I find that I have the most peace when I wake early in the morning and spend time with God. Lately, I have found that peaceful time with God often comes during a nice, morning walk. The other day I caught myself wanting to cut a walk short so that I could get back to work. I had to snatch myself up really quickly! The walk, or rather that I was spending that walk in prayer and conversation with God, was the most important thing for that day!

“I find that I have the most peace when I wake early in the morning and spend time with God”

In the times where my routine is not consistently God-centered, I am waking up and looking at YouTube or Instagram first thing in the morning. I’m constantly consuming podcasts, YouTube videos, or other things instead of giving myself that downtime that I enjoy spending with God. When I get lax like that, confusion, fear, and agitation creep in. I look up and realize that I’m out of my routine and I’ve allowed myself to separate from that God-focused time! As soon as I bring that back in, things settle back down and I get back in HIS flow.

So, I have those seasons of time when I’m Superwoman because I’ve been spending my morning time with God, laying stuff before his feet, in gratitude. I will have supernatural levels of peace and joy, and I’ll feel like I have Teflon on because I’m completely unphased by anything. Most recently I’ve found myself in-between being consistently talking to God and being caught up with work. I had been praying and asking God to confirm some things for me. It reached a fever pitch! I found myself walking and praying SO MUCH, but I was getting annoyed that I wasn’t receiving any direction. This made me feel completely lost and a tad bit hopeless. One day as I was venting to my husband, he said something that was so profound to me. He told me that if I had been praying so hard and asking God so earnestly for confirmation, the fact that he hadn’t confirmed it was actually the confirmation! It’s like I didn’t see that until he said it that way. So instead of allowing myself to feel so lost and far from God, that was actually the opposite of what was happening.


He will speak to us in unique ways that reach us depending on our personalities. He’ll often use podcasts or YouTube videos to speak to me, but sometimes I will hear his voice directly. I woke up the other morning, and I felt this sweet voice of the Holy Spirit tell me that “the way you live your life is the best example.” I knew it was the Holy Spirit from how much peace it brought me. A few days later, I was on a walk and God started downloading information to me about all of these things that I’d been tense and frustrated about. But all of those feelings melted away in that moment. I saw clearly what God was going to do.

I’m so glad he used my husband to tell me that no confirmation was the confirmation I needed. I’m so grateful that I was spending time with Him instead of trying to do all of this work without being in conversation with Him first! If God has confirmed things for you, but you start feeling like the confirmation has run out, get back in that routine with spending time with God!


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