Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome!

Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome (#RDFS) is a REAL thing! Wasn't sure how to wrap words around what I was feeling and then I stumbled across a video from Akilah that summed up my feelings! Over the last 3 months, I have experienced it a few times. The worst of it when [...]

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Why Brilliant Women Burnout Prematurely.

You are determined to reach YOUR level of success. You went to school and made the grades. You show up early and are always there to shut it down! You are a hard worker and everyone knows it. You have goals and a mapped out plan for your career and business. [...]

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Should Christians Be Practicing Yoga & Why This Savvy Girl Doesn’t!

To start, this is a post about yoga is one I have been battling with posting for quite some time now. I have had some VERY uncomfortable conversations with friends and family members about this topic. Honestly speaking, I got so tired of explaining the truth to others that I [...]

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