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Jená Emily Utley is a Holistic Lifestyle Maven and Possibility Trainer. She helps creative, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women achieve what they once thought impossible by attaining a fit mind, body, and understanding of God promises!

Imposter Syndrome on 1000% (Update Q&A 2020)

Imposter Syndrome on 1000% (Update Q&A 2020) Towards the end of last year, I had a bout with imposter syndrome. Man, did it whoop my behind. It wasn’t the first time and I’ve talked about this before on my channel. During that period, I felt like an imposter, I read more

Imposter Syndrome on 1000% (Update Q&A 2020)2021-08-17T15:43:25+00:00

Lioness Season

SHAVING MY HEAD FOR MY LIONESS SEASON I am coming into 2020 with the attitude of a lioness. That's the kind of intensity, resolve, and energy that I want to carry all of this year and for the rest of my existence. To help commemorate my #LionessSeason, ya girl read more

Lioness Season2021-08-17T15:55:00+00:00

Why I’m Doing A 30-Day Gut Healing Protocol!

WHY I AM DOING A 30-DAY GUT HEALING PROTOCOL! Hey , I got sick at the beginning of October. I am not sure if it was the flu or a cold or what. What I do know is that it took me out for more than a week. Each read more

Why I’m Doing A 30-Day Gut Healing Protocol!2021-08-17T15:50:23+00:00

You Can’t Out Pray Unconfessed Sin

WHAT HAS BEEN ON MY HEART... I am here with a bonus chat podcast episode. I do these from time to time when I am out and about and something pops into my spirit that I want to share. I hop on my voice memo app on my iPhone read more

You Can’t Out Pray Unconfessed Sin2021-08-17T15:57:03+00:00

Supernatural Summer Begins

I want to take a moment to capture how I feel about this supernatural summer. If you watch me on YouTube, you know that my husband quit his job on June 28th. We packed both of our cars to leave Michigan on July 19th heading down the highway to read more

Supernatural Summer Begins2020-04-02T23:39:24+00:00

Micro Influencers Stop Wasting Time

Hey! It's your girl, Jená.  In short, this is going to be a good podcast if you are a micro-influencer or aspiring to become one.  I love helping women in ALL areas of their lives including business. Influencer marketing is a very new industry so there are not many regulations read more

Micro Influencers Stop Wasting Time2020-01-28T20:02:47+00:00

Obedience not Numbers

LET'S TALK ABOUT NUMBERS If you are a purpose driven entrepreneur, it is going to be vital that you are lead by what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do NOT your NUMBERS (YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, email list, etc.). If the Holy Spirit is navigating your life, business, read more

Obedience not Numbers2020-01-28T20:18:44+00:00

No Confirmation Is Confirmation

TIME WITH GOD... One thing that I've noticed about myself is that I have moments where my routine with God is very consistent and others where it is not. I find that I have the most peace when I wake early in the morning and spend time with God. read more

No Confirmation Is Confirmation2020-01-28T20:02:13+00:00

My Therapy Experience

WHY I STARTED GOING TO THERAPY I was in therapy for over a year and only a couple of people knew. It's not that I was ashamed or hiding anything; I just needed to preserve that space only for me. People often think that you have to be in read more

My Therapy Experience2020-01-28T20:01:55+00:00

How We Paid Off $80,000 In Debt

OUR DEBT BACKGROUND STORY... Before we got marriaged, we talked about money a lot.  We desired to be debt-free so we knew we had to come to the table and be honest about how much debt we were both bringing into the marriage and how we viewed money. If read more

How We Paid Off $80,000 In Debt2020-01-28T19:58:56+00:00

Free of fee? Being Manipulated by Women Who Push “Sisterhood”

God has been dealing with me to be more vocal about all things money as it relates to personal finances and business. In the following weeks, you can expect me to talk more about credit scores, my relationship with money, charging my value, money blocks, etc... This week God read more

Free of fee? Being Manipulated by Women Who Push “Sisterhood”2020-01-28T19:57:49+00:00

Joy Comes In The Morning

JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!I cried so hard last night. This was the first time I have cried like this in a while. I was upset for a number of reasons. #1 because I was assaulted a few weeks ago and then disrespected by the detective assigned to my case read more

Joy Comes In The Morning2021-05-01T23:47:16+00:00

Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome!

Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome (#RDFS) is a REAL thing! Wasn't sure how to wrap words around what I was feeling and then I stumbled across a video from Akilah that summed up my feelings! Over the last 3 months, I have experienced it a few times. The worst of it when read more

Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome!2020-01-28T19:49:32+00:00

Why Brilliant Women Burnout Prematurely.

You are determined to reach YOUR level of success. You went to school and made the grades. You show up early and are always there to shut it down! You are a hard worker and everyone knows it. You have goals and a mapped out plan for your career and business. read more

Why Brilliant Women Burnout Prematurely.2020-01-28T19:49:06+00:00
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