Fitness coach, speaker, digital storyteller & marriage champion are just a few ways to describe the talent that is Jená Emily Utley. In 2010, she graduated summa cum laude from The University of Tennessee majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Business Administration. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Physiology.

Since the birth of her company, Utley has cultivated a tribe of engaging, trailblazing, and highly educated women. In late 2016, with 6 years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Jená evolved her company to not only help her tribe improve their bodies but to also improve their spiritual fitness, soul fitness, and entrepreneurial acumen. She is a huge proponent of transparency and encourages her audience to practice moderation instead of deprivation and take an holistic and sustainable approach to health.

Jená has created and released several workbooks and digital courses that teach her community how to heal their bodies via food and lifestyle, build intimate relationships with Christ, and develop meaningful businesses that produce sustainable income. In addition to her work as a fitness entrepreneur, Jená curates wellness, faith, and entrepreneurship content across all her social media channels. She also enjoys working in tandem with her husband to share auxiliary content that focuses on family, travel, and financial stewardship.


My name is Jená (pronounced juh-NAY). DON’T call me Jenna or Gina! Lawd knows, so many people get it wrong when they first meet me! My epidemiology professor (which I had for BOTH undergrad and grad school mind you) said my name wrong so many times I stopped correcting him. One day, the class yelled at him about it, and he never got it wrong again. I digress…


I’m a native of Memphis TN, who lived in Knoxville during college. After graduating, I eloped to Detroit with the love of my life. After a few too many cold winters, hubs and I sold everything and moved back south to Memphis to start on the adventure of a lifetime; gearing up to travel the world and work remotely.


Most of the time, I literally scream when I laugh! It’s a pretty good idea to wear earplugs around me.


I see the beauty in starting over! Not too long ago, I shaved my hair off because it was being disrespectful. I needed a new start and I took it!


One of my absolute favorite things to do is run around the house playing Wrestlemania with my hubby. OH YEAH BROTHER!!! (You should have heard Hulk Hogan in your head when you read that!)


I spontaneously burst into full out dance routines, in public! To which my husband gives me the side-eye.


I am obsessed with adventure, spontaneity, and innovative people, places, and things. My hubby and I once went on a cross country trip that took 13 days, and we hit 11 states. I can’t wait to do it again!


I LOVE sushi but Poke is my new jam! My favorite sweet is Lemon Meringue pie. I can tear down a whole one by myself. If I share with you, it means I LOVE you.


In my spare time, I love taking food tours with friends, figuring out ways I can reduce my carbon footprint, and taking candlelit baths and showers!


I have a “GIRL BYE” policy for all liars, complainers, lazy-daisies, and negative people. Now would be a great time for you to find your way to the exit button if you fit the bill!


Jesus is my friend, savior, homeboy, healer… He is my EVERYTHANG!


I love bold outfit choices, drinking superfood smoothies, and trying new workouts! I am currently training for my first triathlon. Pray for me saints!