Today I am bringing you 3 tips to help you LIVE OUT the possibilities of eating a healthy diet for a lifetime. It is important for me to help you figure out how to make eating the foods that are good for you a lifestyle NOT a temporary fix!

di·et noun \ˈdī-ət\
Food and drink regularly provided or consumed

The word “diet” has this negative stigma attached to it. Your diet is simply the way you regularly eat! When people say they are “on a diet,” what they really mean is that they are practicing a healthier diet. Woo, glad we cleared that up!

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It is April, and I am sure you made some goals last week, last month, or in January that you wanted to be a better, wiser, and healthier you! Whether you are on target or not, I am here to let you know at any SECOND you can stop and change for the better!

If you have made up in your mind that you want to permanently develop a healthier diet, you MUST be patient with yourself. You have to realize that the habits you have now have been built and fortified over the course of 10, 15, or 30 years, so you have to allow yourself some time to unlearn and relearn healthier habits!

Too often people get extreme and try to drastically change their diets in 24 hours. Even if they see results and are able to participate in the new diet for a few weeks, they have a hard time holding on to the results and diet therapy! This tends to be more damaging to their confidence, motivation, and hope than anything else. That can have you feeling so discouraged that you give up permanently, and that is what we DON’T want!

In this week’s video, I walk you through 3 tips that will help you shift into a better diet and MAINTAIN it! Eating better doesn’t have to a terrible experience! If you need a little extra help or want some new ideas, you can sign up for my Unstuck Fitness Challenge. Inside of the challenge you will find a prayer, sample meal plan, and 3 fun and challenging workouts!