It’s been a while since a blog post was dropped on my website.  My apologies but I am ready to get the party started again with you.  Before I begin, if you haven’t followed me on Youtube and Instagram, then go ahead. You have been missing out but that’s okay, I forgive you 😉

Now, let’s begin today’s blog post.  As you read the title, this will be a 10 minute At Home AB workout with a prayer.  There is a change happening in my home workouts.  During most home workouts, the fitness trainer will call out the next exercise or say how much time is left until the next fitness move.  Instead, I prayed over our bodies because God promised us healing in His word.

This at-home workout will be 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest in between each move.  I’ll be using one of my favorite things. I LOVE the Gymboss for interval training.  It allows you to program the time.  Also, it tells you when to start & stop by beeping or vibrating. I can clip it on my shirt or pants.  It’s great!!


First, I truly believe that 2019 is the year of healing for us. I believe that God can restore our health and help us to live (Read Isaiah 38:16).  God can guide us through this journey of healing. By God’s discipline, we can be led to great health.  As we lay our bodies before Him, God can create a new heart and spirit within us. I pray that as we stand in authority as God’s children that His power is within us.  His power will heal us. We know that God isn’t a liar so we do not accept anything less than prosperity, perfect health, healing, and abundance. His word says that those four things are apart of our inheritance so we walk by faith in that power knowing that it is ours daily.  

Second, I believe that God will bless us with a great discipline that highlights the areas that we are struggling in.  Every demonic spirit, tactic, and thought is defeated in the name of Jesus. Our minds need to be transformed from thinking and speaking against His word about healing.  He said healing is ours but we believe things that go directly against God’s power. I rebuke that mindset from us and ask that God increases our capacity to hold faith. God lead us to choose faith over fear. God lead us to choose obedience over disobedience.  

Lastly, I thank God for being a good Father to us.  God’s direction is so perfect.  May our words be in alignment for God’s healing and health.  I pray that our lifestyles and fitness journeys are changed so the generational sicknesses, curses, and habits are no longer a part of our bloodlines.  There is no sickness that has control over our lives and mindsets.  

Therefore, I believe that God will lead you to the things that are needed to gain victory over sickness in your life.  For example, you may need to forgive someone, let go of pride, or currently living in disobedience.   I pray that God will lead you to be obedient in that area.  

His discipline is needed for good health.  May our discipline be transformed into God’s ways from this day forward. I’m praising Him for complete healing, a new mindset, new health, greater level of faith, a better mindset about food, and taking care of our bodies. We can be healed and healthy. We can change our legacy and family history. We are capable of this.  

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.